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By Lars Clausen, Denmark since 2006.
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We are open like normally through 2020, but we are playing it safe i relation to the corona pandemic. So all in-person activities are closed for the rest of 2020. Also expect one or two days general delay on order shipment.

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October Campaign!

Class D Amplifiers

Singularity 3 Action Pack: 2 channels NewClassD NCDV Singularity 3 High Speed Discrete 1200W in 4 Ohms Class D Module with Tantalum resistors and Power Supply Module 47.000uF/80V, SoftStart module and Aluminium Enclosure 80 mm
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Ultimate performance high end Class D Amplifier modules
with 0.0005% typ. THD + N.
High End Power Supply modules new 2018 version.
For use with NCDV 2 range. Featuring 35nS Ultrafast recovery 60A diodes, current free Silent GND point, 4 layer Silver Plated PCB
Neutron Star 3 Audio Reference Clocks
Ultimate Performance series audio Clocks for upgrading sound stage precision in digital audio equipment. Featuring temperature stabilized oscillator and double voltage regulation.
Neutrino 2 Compact Audio Reference Clocks
High Performance series audio Clocks for upgrading sound stage precision in digital audio equipment. Featuring isolated output and compact size.
Ultra Wide Bandwidth Mk 2 Regulators
Low noise high performance voltage regulators that will replace directly industry standard 78XX and 79XX type regulators.
Discrete Audio OP-AMP's
Ultimate performance Audio OP-AMP's for upgrading any existing Audio product, for significant sound improvement, will directly replace industry leading IC OP-AMP's. Single or Dual configuration.

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