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I need phone or e-mail support..

Sorry! We do not have phone support crew, mainly because it usually proves almost impossible to troubleshoot over the telephone.
Our technical crew need to analyse your particular setup and wiring in order to provide any meaningful support. You are welcome to email us with questions, but usually the conversation will lead up to one of the following two options:

Do you know what went wrong?

Yes i know why my product failed, i just need a replacement module.

No, i need qualified technical assistance.

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Hi Dexa Team.....
...want to ask,if it is posibile to change he 5V uwb regulator to 12V regulator.I have at home two pieces +5V regulator but I would need in this oment one +12V regulator,so to not buy a new one my question is,if it is posibile to change +5V regulator to +12V regulator maybe with changing a pair of resistors??It this posibile??
Plese for help!Regards,Rado

I bought two of the DEXA Discrete DUAl Opamps for my KingRex T20U amplifier about a year ago. The sound quality was clearly improved and I am very happy with the result in that respect.
BUT the mounted opamps reached above the internal space of the amp and so I cannot put the lid back on the KingRex.
I have seen on the internet that there are angled
8 pin dil sockets.
Is it possible for you to point me to such an angled socket I could use to be able to put the lid back on?
Do they require soldering or are they as Plug And Play as the opamps so you only push them down?

Ulf Nilsson

I'm installing your Dexa neutrino clock in my NAD C521BEE CDP. the ground connection is a 4-wire cable!? Where do I insert this cable? And how? Thanks, Norm

Hi, Before buying a D-Clock Neutrino, I just need to know the PSU requirements, please.
Thank you
Best Regards.


WOW!!! Your dual discrete opamps are aurally astounding! VERY Hi-Fi! They're a HUGE relacement asset, adding considerably to the performance of my preamp. Truly a worthwhile investmnet.


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