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UWB Regulator

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Ultra Wideband Voltage Regulator +3.3V

DX7803 3.3V UWB regulator

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Low noise 3.3V high performance voltage regulators to replace standard 78033 or 7803 regulators.

The UWB Regulators are high end replacements for 78XX regulators found in CD / DVD players and other audio equipment. For example 7805, but also other voltages are produced in UWB. (Even special ones upon request).

The output of the 7805 regulator is often used as reference for the DAC, or other noise sensitive sections of the audio equipment, like the OPAmps. Unfortunately the 7805 has relatively poor noise performance. Especially if there are external noise sources around the 7805 regulator, like ripple or load fluctuations. In case a fluctuating load is connected to the 7805, or 100 Hz ripple is present on the input of the 7805, the S/N ratio of the 7805 drops down below acceptable level for Audio purposes. In this case you can greatly benefit from a regulator with a good ripple
rejection, but even more importantly, a regulator with a wide bandwidth loop, that can remain stable under fluctuating loads.

This simple and inexpensive upgrade gives a clear audible improvement.

The UWB regulator replaces the 7805 (or other 78XX / 79XX regulator) as a cheap and simple upgrade of your Audio Player, and has more than 100 times better ripple rejection, 10 times lower noise, and no line and load regulation error. It is discretely made on a circuit board, of roughly the same size as the 78XX / 79XX regulator. This way a regulator can be constructed with better performance than any known IC regulator on the market.

78XX is the positive voltage regulator, while .. 79XX is the negative voltage regulator. Be sure to get the right one.

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