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NCDX-LT1028 Full featured 500 Watt Class D module


500 Watt Class D Amplifier module with outstanding sound quality. This version has been tweaked from our NCDX platform to have very high detail, and dynamic performance, by use of one of the best integrated OPAMP's on the market for Audio use, the ultra low noise LT1028.

The NCDX-LT1028 is fully DC coupled. This means if you add a slight DC voltage from your preamp on the input of the module, it will get amplified into a larger DC voltage on your speakers. So it should be avoided, and in case you want to secure your amplifier from DC it, we recommend using a good bypassing capacitor, just like we do in the NCDX-Discrete and NCDV modules. In case of large DC voltages, the NCDX safety system will shut the module down to safety mode. But again if you think you might get small DC voltage on the input, we recommend using a good bypass capacitor. The NCDX-LT1028 uses the the same power MOSFET's as the NCDV, and the software is adapted to allow up to 75V DC supplies, so power up to 300 Watts in 8 Ohms and 500W in 4 Ohms is possible. The maximum transformer secondary
voltage allowed for this module is 2 x 50 V AC. We recommend use of our Big Cap powersupply, which has appropriate gate drive supply on board.

Several upgrades have been added to the module since it was first introduced. The decoupling capacitors are now non-inductive / stacked polypropylene types, which will soften the high notes of the music, so you can better hear that air above the high-hats. The input OPAMP decoupling caps have been changed to 0.33uF instead of 0.1uF giving clean power to lower frequencies than before. The Q dampening capacitor of the output filter has been updated to a better 250V type (before 100V). The feedback filter cap has been upgraded to RIFA/Kemet type stacked polypropylene, that we also use in our NCDV module.

We still use the special high grade output inductor with Silver Plated Teflon wire, setting this module apart from most competitors, using standard copper wire. The ferrite core used is a special low loss type with very high saturation current, giving low distortion, even at high low currents.

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