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By Lars Clausen, Denmark since 2006.
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We support the forest planting project in Struer with one tree per order processed.

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NewClassD is managed by Lars Clausen Technologies IVS.


Lars Clausen Technologies
Christiansgade 1
DK 7500 Holstebro
Tel: +45 31627823
NOTE! We only have periodic phone service.
The best way to reach us is via e-mail, where we typically respond to your inquiry within 15 min. during business hours.
VAT no 38203940

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IBAN no: DK4998738730031220
Bank Name: Spar Nord
Account Holder: Lars Clausen Technologies

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A note on using gmail as our business support.
We are very aware of internet security and privacy, that is why we recently split our e-mail traffic up into public and private e-mail services, where the latter handles privacy sensitive data traffic like order data etc. When an e-mail address is publicly visible, it will over the years be prone to spam mail from various advertisers, and so a good spam blocking feature becomes essential. What Gmail lacks in some aspecs it makes up for in excellent spam and virus attack blockers, and since the customer support is not likely to contain any sensitive personal data anyway, we have decided that Gmail is an excellent option for the public support function, and also this function will not be subject to EU data privacy regulations. For the private functions we use servers which are entirely placed inside Denmark, and with no public access, so to fully comply wuth GDPR regulation. Only preformatted data can be read from these servers, and so no spam e-mail can pass through.

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