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NDCV Singularity Class D Amplifier modules

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Ultra low 0.0005% typ distortion High End Class D Audio Amplifier modules. It's power capability of 700W RMS is not the main feature. NCDV is more a natural evolution of our previous platforms, and will provide a better sound quality than we have ever offered in the past. The sound quality and specs are now on par with some of the best and costliest amplifiers in the world. Still the build cost is only around 3000$.

With the NCDV Singularity we did our best to make a true high end Class D amplifier module. We made more listening tests, more redesign runs and more component testing than ever before. So this is clearly the best amplifier we have ever made.
It is not optimized by THD or other specifications, but instead the listening results prevailed, every time, even in cases where a design choice reduced the specification, but sounded better. So you can say the motto here is: Improve the specs, as long as it doesn't destroy the good sound.

So the sound is addictive! If you go for the best, there is no easy way around the Singularity module. The frequency bands hang together seamlessly,
the bass is deep, clear and controlled, the mids are warm, roomy and no detail escapes unheard. The top is airy and crystal clear, but with no hint of sharpness. We listened to about 30 different types of capacitors to find the one with the perfect balance of air, clarity, and resulution. No S sound is standing out, but you should be able to hear every wave of sound from the recording. Brass should sound perfectly like brass. To make this ambition stick seamlessly together with the voice region and 3D space of the ochestra was quite a challenge. We have heard every possible outcome of this in our development process, but at the end, we found the perfect solutions.

Every module is assembled in Denmark, and then hand tested in every aspect for hours. The dead time is maticulously adjusted to less than 1nS, and DC etc. are adjusted to zero. Then the module is left to burn in for a few hours under 50 degrees C, mimicing the typical operation condition. This takes some time, and thus the module is not particularly cheap. However it will compare with 4-10 times costlier factory amplifiers.

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