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Actionpack NCDV 2 Singularity 2x300W

NCDV Singularity High Grade Action Pack Stereo, 2 channels, 1 power supply module 39.000uF/80V, softstart and more

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New NCDV 2 Singularity Action Pack:
2 pcs. NCDV 2 Singularity Class D Amplifier Modules.
1 pcs. Big Cap Power Supply 39.000uF/80V w/dual ultrafast recovery diodes.
1 pcs. Advanced Soft Start module.
Set of binding posts, XLR and RCA connectors.
Set of internal cabling with high end Audio quality.

We now offer our best Class D module, the NCDV 2 Singularity in an actionpack, containing all necessary components to build a complete 2 channel high-end audio amplifier. You only have to source the transformer (2 x 50 V 1000 VA) and the enclosure of your liking. You can of course also build this amplifier with lower power, it only requires a smaller transformer, like 2 x 33V AC 500 VA for 2 x 130W in 8 Ohms, / 250 W in 4 Ohms. The sound quality will reach or surpass the best and most expensive power amplifiers in the world. We back this claim with our full money back warranty, as always.

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