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NewClassD NCDX 480 W in 4 Ohms Class D Module 2017 version

LC78033 3.3V UWB 2 regulator

LC7816 16V UWB 2 regulator

LC7908 -8.0V Negative UWB 2 regulator

Neutrino 2 Reference Clock incl. cables 28.322000 MHz

NewClassD NCDV Singularity 2 Discrete 700W in 4 Ohms Class D Module

Neutron Star 2 reference clock incl. Cables and
FREE bundled NS power supply 25.000000 MHz

Neutron Star Clock incl. Cables 8.467200 MHz
(Obsolete, see Neutron Star 2)

DX7908 -8V Negative UWB regulator




Soft Start / DC Filter 230V

Soft Start Circuit + DC / RFI Filter and power control Combo 230V AC

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A soft start circuit to switch on big transformers on the mains grid.

NewClassD Soft Start circuit prevents high inrush currents from big mains transformers, that will normally blow fuses, overload switches and stress the rectifiers and capacitors. With this soft start circuit, the mains is connected slowly and smoothly to the power supply preventing any problems.

The DC Filter conditions the mains power, and removes the DC component. This will stop your transformer from humming. (Mechanical Hum).

This 2011 model
includes also an offline power controller, which can also function as mains switch. You can connect a pushbutton and an LED to a set of terminals, and use them to switch the amplifier on and off. These are of course offline, so no special safety precautions have to be observed.
The middle terminal of the mains input is [optional] earth connection for the Y mains filter portion. You can use it to connect your chassis to the earth of the IEC mains lead.

Do i need a soft start module?
If your transformer is 400 VA or less, then you probably don't need a soft start circuit. At 500 VA you should start thinking about it, and by 800 VA it's pretty much a necessity. If you connect an 800 VA transformer directly to the mains, chances are your mains fuse will blow. If you have two 400 VA running on the same mains line, the same goes. If you have a 500 VA transformer, and a huge capacitor bank, say 100.000uF total, you need a soft start. If you only have say 44.000 uF behind a 500 VA transformer, you might just get by without a soft start. So that's pretty much the way you can tell.

Can i connect two transformers to one soft start board?
Yes you can, there are even 3 sets of terminals for up to 3 transformers. If you have more transformers, you can put two primary wires in each terminal, so you can safely connect up to 6 mains transformers into one soft start module. Just as long as you remember the max. load is 2300 VA.

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