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By Lars Clausen, Denmark since 2006.
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Welcome to NewClassD!

You are interrested in the best sound quality on the planet. Micro details, clarity, natural feeling of the music, liquid and stress free sound, wide and clear 3 dimensional sound stage. Making every minute of listening an amazing experience. Discovering new details in the music you already love. You are probably aware that if you want all this, you are looking at amplifiers and sources in the 20.000$ range and higher.

What we offer is a way to achieve the sound quality you want, with the best technology in the world, at DIY prices.
We offer finished and fully tested modules, that you will build into the enclosure, and wire up with the internal connectors, and power supply. It takes a couple of hours. The resulting price for a complete amplifier is 2 - 3.000$ depending on the configuraion, of stereo, dual mono, mono blocks etc, when it's DIY you can configure the amplifier as you want. And the sound quality is so good you will enjoy it every day for the next 20 years.

We also offer OPamps, regulators, and reference clocks, to build into existing CD players, DAC's Streamers, and other signal sources, so you can improve the sound quality significantly, in any of these.

You can make a midrange player from any brand sound as good as or better than that brand's top model, and it will only cost a fraction.

Every order over about €150 or $150 qualifies for a 20% checkout discount. It will be subtracted in your shopping cart. The yellow bar in the product link, notifies you when you will get the discount.
Stay Safe, and enjoy lots of wonderful music!

Ultimate performance high end Class D Amplifier modules
with 0.0005% typ. THD + N.
Neutron Star 3 Audio Reference Clocks
Ultimate Performance series audio Clocks for upgrading sound stage precision in digital audio equipment. Featuring temperature stabilized oscillator and double voltage regulation.
Neutrino 2 Compact Audio Reference Clocks
High Performance series audio Clocks for upgrading sound stage precision in digital audio equipment. Featuring isolated output and compact size.
Ultra Wide Bandwidth Mk 2 Regulators
Low noise high performance voltage regulators that will replace directly industry standard 78XX and 79XX type regulators.
Discrete Audio OP-AMP's
Ultimate performance Audio OP-AMP's for upgrading any existing Audio product, for significant sound improvement, will directly replace industry leading IC OP-AMP's. Single or Dual configuration.

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