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By Lars Clausen, Denmark since 2006.
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I need technical assistance..

Please send the entire appliance to us for a repair and check-up. It is very important that you do not change anything before you send it, as you may accidentally remove the problem too. Which makes it hard for us to help you effectively.

The shipping address is:

Lars Clausen Technologies
Christiansgade 1
DK7500 Holstebro

Please remember to include your own shipping address for fast return of your appliance. But do not include mains wire, speaker wire and other accessories, unless you think they might be part of the problem. In case you are sending your CD player, please do not send the remote control, unless it is absolutely necessary for basic operation of the unit.

We will find the problem for you, and fix it, and it's free, not considering the shipping charge at your own end.

NewClassD ApS | DK7500 Holstebro | Denmark | tel +45 32130963 | E-Mail: |9484