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Quality Policy

At NewClassD we have an effective quality assurance policy. Every product is checked and tested, before it is packed and placed in the outstorage for shipment. This is because we want to make sure you get a satisfying experience with us Every Time!.

Every product has it's testing procedure, covering performance, safety and visual properties. A test schedule for performance and safety is played for each product. For example the test schedule for safety on an amplifier module looks like this:

1..Mount module on test base with power off, with input signal generator 0mV, shorted output terminals.
2..Connect Power Supplies +-60V.
3..Increase signal 1 kHz amplitude until safety system trips in.
4..Decrease signal level until safety system is off, and operation proceeds. Repeat 5 times.
5..Remove output short.
6..Set input signal to 0.9 V RMS ( = 200 W output power ).
7..Short the outputs 25 times, and observe correct deployment of the safety processor.
8..Increase input signal to +6dB, and repeat pt 7.
9..Add 4 Ohms load, play signal with nominal output 400 W.
10..Remove and connect load 10 times.
11..Add 1m unshielded wire to + input terminal only, check stability of the amplifier.
12..Same with - input terminal.
13..skip to next pt. :-)
14..Increase supply voltage until safety system trips (check >65V <66V).
15..Check undervoltage lockout point (24-25V).
16..Set input freq to 160 kHz, turn up to check self oscillation tripmode.
17..Remove + supply.
18..Remount + supply.
19..Remove - supply.
20..Remount - supply.
21..Check for correct operation.

This is not a development testprogramme. Every module on the assembly line is subjected to these tests, before shipment.

Quality is designed in right from the drawing board, with extra functions
on the board, that you might find redundant now, but in the future may come in handy. Safety and protection systems ensures a long product life, even in case of unfortunate use.

In case of problems...

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Same Day Shipment

For new orders, and warranty orders our strict policy is Same Day Shipment! Every Time! ...meaning of course the same or following working day, the order or warranty replacement is received, for any green marked item on our homepage.

Should a product be sold out, the marking
will change to yellow or red, and we will contact you immediately with a new delivery date, or an alternative product suggestion, if possible.

Environmental considerations are mandatory in the EU, and our products comply with applicable environmental regulations.

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