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Discrete SINGLE Audio OPAMP Ultimate Edition

Discrete OPAMP 8 pin DIP Single Ultimate Edition Mk2

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This High End Audio OPAMP is built on a new circuit compared to our previous Standard and Special Editions.
It is fully symmetric and each stage runs in full Class A to eliminate any distortion, and all active components
are discrete bipolar transistors, which have the best linearity, and give the most dynamic sound.
It is faster and more stable, and it has significantly lower noise. Unfortunately for competitive reasons, we
can not tell you the one detail here, that makes for the absolutely outstanding sound quality.

It is designed as a drop-in upgrade to D/A Converters, Network players, Preamplifiers, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray
players, active crossovers, and basicly anything where an audio signal passes through.

As a new, the Ultimate Edition has low enough noise to be a phono preamp.

Soundwise the top is relaxed, crystal clear and with amazing detail. The midranges are warm and deep,
with enjoyable musicality, while the bass is more weighty and dynamic compared to chip OPAMP's.

These days most D/A Converter chips are so good, that they are not the bottle neck of the system.
The power supply and analog stage are. This OPAMP can form a fantastic analog stage (just 1 per channel,
or two for balanced output) in a DIY DAC of the absolute highest quality.

Or you can upgrade most off the shelf equipment by dropping this OPAMP in the critical places, and
get a huge lift in sound. We back this claim with a full money back guarantee.

It's fully unity gain stable, and thus easy to use.

This version is a SINGLE DIP 8 footprint with two channels. Also available in a DUAL version with DIP 8
footprint, and even SO 8 footprints in both SINGLE and DUAL versions. (Send us an e-mail if you are
interested in the SO packages).

Some Scope shots.

A stable transition of 17V in 140nS, which translates into 120V/uS slew rate.

Just to show you how fast and stable the OPAMP is, here is a 1 MHz
square wave amplified by -2.

And here a 1 MHz sine wave amplified by -2 without a hint of instability.

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