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By Lars Clausen, Denmark since 2006.
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Design Philosophy

We do not attempt to produce the cheapest Class D modules on the market. We have put our creative power and effort in developing a ground breaking performance Class D technology, that opens new doors in High End Audio.
Using the best available components in the world, and new innovative technology, this means our modules cost a little more than the cheapest alternatives.
On the other hand, we don't think it is of the highest
importance if your DIY amplifier, with enclosure, terminals, transformer etc. ends up costing 700 or 1000 Euro if the difference of 300 Euro, means you get the best sounding amplifier on the market.
In other words you get full value, and the chance to enjoy fantastic sound performance every day for years, at an end price at a small fraction of a similar factory produced amplifier. Because you build it your self.

This is what NewClassD is all about.

To achieve Ultra Low Distortion and high sound quality at the same time, we have adapted a technology with a short local feedback loop, with low feedback delay, and pulse Nano Alignment to remove dead-time distortion in the power section. The use of a new generation of Ferrite Materials in the output filter reduces the need for biasing of the choke. This effectively gives a high precision low noise amplifier with incredible good sound.

The THD level is < 0,004% @ 10W 4 Ohms 20 - 20000 Hz or < 0,0005% @ 1W 8 Ohms. Under most conditions, (the lowest distortion in the Audio Industry). The key to acheiving this low level of distortion without destroying the good sound, is three crucial design parameters:

1..Dual Slope Dead Time Removal what we refer to as Nano Alignment.

2..Very Small Loop Delay Time.

3..Low Distortion Ferrite Material (With low hysterisis loss).

Full SoftWare Control

NewClassD Amplifiers are under full Software control. Each Amplifier features a high speed RISC processor controlling the essential operation. Based on measurements of Supply Voltage, Temperature and Current changes, the microcomputer controls the op mode of the amplifier, for optimal safety and high sound quality.

The Safety system is based on Seismic Sensors, which detect current mode without any resistance or inductance. In other words loss free.

A power Supply module
is available with Soft Recovery Low Noise rectification for use with standard transformers of 15 - 42 Volts AC, [click here for more information]. The power supply module is built on a 4 layer Gold Plated PCB giving maximum connectivity on uninterrupted power planes from each part of the power supply, directly to the amplifier board. This is very important to give high current capability and thus maintain perfect dynamics in the bass region.

All our products are fully:

RoHS compliant
CE Certified
WEEE compliant

All our controller software is made with Codevision AVR.

NewClassD ApS | DK7500 Holstebro | Denmark | tel +45 32130963 | E-Mail: |9484