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Environment Policy

At NewClassD and it's holding company Lars Clausen Technologies, (Lars Clausen being the technical developer of every NewClassD product) we have a clear vision of sustainable production. As many processes as possible should be environmentally neutral, or at least optimized for low environmental impact.

Class D is Green Technology.

Class D amplifiers are 'green technology' and environmentally friendly, as they consume up to 60% less energy that their predecessors Class A/B amplifiers, and 75% less energy than Class A amplifiers. And they use up less resources to produce. By providing the Audiophile community with a Class D Green Technology option, that is acceptable in quality, to satisfy the needs of demanding audio consumers, we can help reduce world wide energy consumption, and green house gas emissions, by a small amount. But what about sound? After all the only really interesting thing is sound, that's why it's not an easy task to construct a true well sounding Class D amplifier is never easy, nor can it be made cheap. The same high demand for parts quality known from old school analog amplifiers also is in effect in Class D, and by now the best Class D platforms such as NewClassD will have even better sound than the very best Class A amplifiers.

Working Environment.

We do everything possible to build a positive, safe and healthy working environment for our work force. A detailed programme was developed in 2009, in association with the BST, the local industrial consultancy for indoor environment, clean air, ergonomics etc. and our own work force will have an equal say in every decision.


We intend within the first year of operating with any new sub contractor, to visit them and make sure, that all processes are carried out with respect both for the environment, and also in human aspects with regards to their work force. We do not use any sub contractor in areas where child labour is common, and we do not accept any sub contractor, treating their work force in any way sub standard to existing values on our own local labour market. We do not accept any sub contractor who does not take serious care of safety and health of their work force.

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