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Power Supply Board 200 x 680uF/80V 2 x 68.000uF w/ Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes
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Ultimate Power Supply Board 200 x 680uF/80V

Power Supply Board 200 x 680uF/80V 2 x 68.000uF w/ Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes

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Next Gen Audio Power Supply for use with Singularity 3. Impedance of less than 1 millOhm keep both rails stable, and improves the sound beyond what is possible with Big Cap power supplies. Max current of 60 Amps. The sound compared to Big Cap power supplies as described by our independent tester group: Bass resolution 400% better, Bass control better, seamless interrange connection, better.

On board soft recovery high speed 35nS rectifiers with ultra low noise. Still we also placed noise grabbing snubbers on each diode, just for perfection.

The capacitor banks consist of 200 pcs. 680uF 80V capacitors from United Chemicon, and the PC board is heavy copper power planes.

The connectors for Singularity modules are place strategically so it's possible to have only a few cm. of wire from the module to the nearest power supply caps. This make a huge difference as just 10 or 20 cm. of wire can introduce both resistive connection and induction, which will lower the sound quality.

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